Superior Winter - travisnovitsky
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"Superior Waterfall"

January 15, 2013 - This evening I headed into Grand Marais to photograph the sunset. The clouds looked good in Grand Portage so I was hoping they would stay nice until I got to GM. Indeed they did and not only that, but the wind was INSANE. I got VERY cold shooting this evening, even though the air temp was a relatively balmy (for January) 26 degrees. I also had a difficult time keeping my lens dry. The wind was so strong and the waves were so big that spray from the waves was constantly blowing around in the air and landing on my camera. I had to try and wipe the lens off between each shot that I took. Every now and then, a particularly big wave would hit the rocky point where I was shooting and would wash right over the top of the rocks, making a temporary waterfall. I was lucky enough to capture one such wave and waterfall, but unfortunately my lens and ND filter had already gotten wet again and as a result there were several light flares on the image caused by the water droplets. I cleaned out the flares as best I could using Lightroom, but some of them are still there. I don't think they necessarily detract from the image, however. So, enjoy this photo of a rarely seen waterfall right along the shoreline of Lake Superior!

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