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BIKING 08509

"Fat Bike Sunset"

February 14, 2016 - Since I shared a shadow picture of me and my bike yesterday, I figured I better show a picture of the actual bike too! So, here is my Surly "Ice Cream Truck", admiring the setting sun on a clear, cold day. For those that don't know, fat bikes allow you to ride on packed trails in the winter. They have tires that are at least twice as wide as a typical mountain bike tire, and you run very low pressures in them (5 to 10 psi compared to at least 30 to 35 psi in a mountain bike and probably twice that in a road bike tire). The large tire footprint and the low pressure gives you tremendous flotation for a bike, allowing you to ride on snow as long as you have a reasonably firm trail to ride on.

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