Superior Summer - travisnovitsky
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"Surreal Sky - A Lake Superior Fantasy"

Wow.... what else can I say? The evening of August 10, 2016 had one of the most unique transitions from day to dusk that I've ever witnessed. For the latter part of the afternoon and evening we had pretty thick cloud cover and it was basically a monotone type of day. Everything was just gray. As sunset approached, however, the cloud cover must have gotten thinner because all of a sudden everything got brighter and the sky took on this really strange glow with some of the most unbelievable, surreal colors that I've ever seen.

I was reluctant to post the picture you see here because I didn't think anyone would believe that it's real. But, it is what my camera saw. There is no photoshop trickery involved here, this is what the sky looked like. There were also no filters at all used in the creation of this image, and it was shot on auto white balance which, if anything, usually produces images with a cooler color tone. I literally do not remember ever seeing sky color quite like this before. It sure made for a dramatic end to the day!

lake superiorsummersunset